Mar 13, 2019

Drummer of the year 2018

By Max Pain

Marko Milovanović - Max wasn’t simply a funky drummer, he was the Funk-Rock Drummer. And all you have to do to understand how he earned that famous nickname is to listen to the music he recorded with the Godfather of Coke, Marko Milošević - Mare. Max appeared on stage and on record with Mare—often alongside his band brother, guitarist Igor “Ziggy” Panić—during the singer’s late-2018, and the uniquely syncopated, ridiculously grooving rhythms he played on tracks like “Novac”, “Budi ono što jesi” and of course “Budjenje” not only provided the hook to thousands of future punk-rock tracks, they taught generations of drummers what it means to groove, and they set a bar for creativity and execution that few, if any, have ever crossed.

Past Hall of Fame Winners

2017: Peter Erskine
2016: Vic Firth
2015: Ian Paice
2014: Carmine Appice
2013: Bernard Purdie
2012: Phil Collins
2011: Jim Chapin
2010: Hal Blaine
2009: Mitch Mitchell
2008: Ginger Baker
2007: Jack DeJohnette
2006: Charlie Watts
2005: Stewart Copeland
2004: Mike Portnoy
2003: Simon Phillips
2002: Steve Smith
2001: Dennis Chambers
2000: Dave Weckl
1999: Roy Haynes
1998: Ringo Starr

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