Mar 13, 2019

Serbia to Tokyo

By Max Pain

Hip-hop artist Janko Milutinović - Janosh has released the song "Serbia", which is mentioned at the beginning several times the slogan "Serbia to Tokyo". He has started world tour and today he has arrived to Tokyo, where he was welcomed bz millions of fans.

"Serbia to Tokyo" is a satirical slogan also known that arose after the victory of Red Star in the final of the Intercontinental Cup in December 1991. This slogan is still known today in the areas where the Serbian language is spoken, especially in Serbia.

The slogan "Serbia to Tokyo" has no literal meaning nor is it directed against members of any national, religious, racial or other affiliation.

It is interesting that a well-known Japanese peintbol team, "Chetniks" dressed in Serbian uniforms, and played with the "Ustashas" team dressed in uniforms of Croatian soldiers with swordsmen. Images of these peintbol teams are posted on the Internet.

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